Rescue TapeRescue Tape is the multifunction tool for many types of emergency repairs and many other uses.  The self-fusing silicone Rescue Tape is versatile and easy-to-use and provides a flexible water-tight seal that is resistant to fuels, acids, solvents, and water while retaining high voltage insulation properties.  

When stretched around the repair area, the silicone based tape will fuse to itself and provide a tight seal.  Removal is easy.  Use a knife to cut the tape and it comes off without leaving a sticky residue. Unlike electrical or duct tape, Rescue Tape is heat resistant; is not sticky; and is easy to remove.

Made in the USA to military specifications, Rescue Tape has many uses and is a great addition to any 4x4 tool box.  Rescue Tape is available in a variety of colors and found in many hardware and auto parts stores.  Or, order on-line from Rescue Tape.