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Pioneer Multimedia Navigation GPS Receivers Available

 Lessco Electronics now shipping full line of Pioneer Avic F series multimedia navigation GPS receivers as well as the new full line.

/24-7PressRelease/ - PATCHOGUE, NY, August 25, 2008 - Lessco Electronics has announced the addition of the highly anticipated Pioneer AVIC-F series GPS navigation systems to their inventory. The AVIC-F units will begin shipping is Aug 24th 2008, nonetheless Lessco Electronics has plans to begin an aggressive marketing campaign to promote the new in-dash and portable AVIC-F systems.

With Pioneer's four upcoming releases, customers will certainly be able to find ways to integrate the highly coveted GPS navigation into any vehicle. The AVIC-F500BT is a portable GPS navigation unit that could easily be mounted on any dashboard or windshield while all three AVIC-F700BT, AVIC-F900BT, and the AVIC-F90BT are in-dash navigation units. The AVIC-F Series is the next generation after the highly successful Pioneer AVIC-D Series which debuted over 4 years ago. Just like the AVIC-D3, the AVIC-F series will have 32,768 user customizable colors, giving consumers the ability to match the unit's color to virtually any color they wish, which is an incredibly helpful feature to anyone desiring to have a completely integrated look. In addition, all four AVIC-F products will feature a 5.8" LCD touchscreen with attractive interface and stylish front panel designs.

The Pioneer AVIC-F products will also have some new features, previously unheard of even in high-quality top-tier products. The navigation interface is modernized and the map images are redesigned, giving the units a very high-tech look. The map data is now built-in to the internal memory of the AVIC-F units instead of the previous, DVD-loaded AVIC-D models. The AVIC-F units will also feature a highly adaptive and intelligent voice command function that could detect human conversational fill-in words such as "Um" or "Uhh" and could even ask questions back to the user. In the case where a user would like to use the built-in Bluetooth hands-free technology to dial a phonebook entry where there is more than one number for an entry, the voice command system will converse with the user to confirm which number he or she would like to call; however, the voice command is not limited to only phone-call commands, but could also be use command playback controls of audio functions.

There is also built-in Bluetooth featured in each of the AVIC-F models without any additional accessories and could even receive iPod / iPod Video sources. The AVIC-F90BT in-dash navigation and the AVIC-F500BT portable GPS device will be able to receive MSN Direct information, which displays local weather, traffic, and even movie times. The AVIC-F90BT is the Premier branded unit, with high-voltage preamp outputs and a 2-year warranty. Both the AVIC-F90BT and the non-Premier branded AVIC-F900BT is capable of DVD video playback with DivX support, however the lower-priced AVIC-F700BT does not support DVD video playback. All AVIC-F in-dash navigation units could also receive Sirius or XM Satellite sources as well as the increasingly popular HD Radio.

Lessco Electronics customers will be able to order any of the Pioneer AVIC-F products and its accompanying accessories, but should not expect the products to ship until mid-August. The Pioneer AVIC-F units will be sold on a "first-come, first-served" basis and customers are encouraged to take advantage of ordering early so to speed the ordering process.

Lessco Electronics is based in the heart of Long Island New York. For more information, please visit: http://www.lesscoelectronics.com

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