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New Year 2010

Forest Plan Revisions. This is part of the administrative process where the Forest Service is develops the guidelines for managing the national forests.  In 2009, the Forest Planning Rule was halted by court order.  The downside is confusion over which set of "rules" will guide the planning process.  The upside is a new planning rule is expected which will encourage collaborative processes to develop future forest plans.  This move requires active involvement with the Forest Service to identify and protect recreation opportunutuies.  A tough challenge when people are concerned about their jobs.

Wilderness. The 111th Congress is on the verge of moving long stalled wilderness proposals.  There is pressure on Congress to set aside large swaths of public lands as wilderness.   And, there is a growing move to re-define wilderness: from preservation to protection.  We need to support efforts to protect our public lands while allowing enjoyment of the recreation opportunity provided.

Image. Motorized recreation continues to be marked as “destroyers of the environment”.  Image does affect land management decisions when protection of resources is considered.  Our image is projected to the public though advertising and our own web sites.

Coalition Building. Motorized recreation is characterized by many facets, each with its own set of advocates.  We need to build a coalition of the different facets to develop strategy and set priorities for addressing issues common to all.  While we may recreate in different manners, we are bound by two common elements.  We use a motorized vehicle and we need access to a place for recreation.

Membership and Involvement. Increasing the membership and involvement of recreationists is important.  As we move into the future, we will be involved with change.  The sport is changing.  Opportunities are changing.  And, regulations are changing.  Membership and involvement are key ingredients to ensuring recreation remains a viable opportunity.

I encourage everyone to become active and involved.  Join a local club, state/regional association, and a national organization.  Your participation helps protect access to recreation opportunities.  Your involvement can help guide the change.

In this ever-changing environment, 4x4Wire.com is committed to promoting and protecting responsible recreation.  4x4Wire.com is funded through advertising.  Please support our advertisers and help contribute to protecting access to recreation opportunities.

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