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New life for old camping gear

The recent natural disasters have shown that it is best to be prepared for an emergency.  Having a supply of batteries and candles is a good start.    Enter the venerable Coleman line of camping gear.  Perhaps you still have that old Coleman gas stove stashed in the garage, long ago replaced by the newer propane stove.  Does it still work?  As a reader from Alaska found....

Well, now that I have the neighbor's estate off my back so I can have a life again, I've started going through my stuff that was buggered up by our two floods in 2008.

Enter my Coleman gear. I've had this stuff for going on 30 years; had a couple generators gummed up with silt and no movement, etc.

Coleman's main website will list part numbers, although discontinued.

There is another site called www.oldcolemanparts.com Based out of Vancouver, WA, they have several goodies for old Coleman stuf. They have new stuff from places who have never sold their stock, from Coleman collector estates, and will also buy your old Coleman stuff, salvage the working items from them, and sell them (they mark them as used).

So, if keeping some Coleman stuff handy for your disaster prep or upkeep on your outdoor gear, here ya go. Check out www.oldcolemanparts.com

This helpful hint courtesy of Marge, 4x4Wire.com Toyota Forums Moderator

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