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Nevada Trails - Western Region

Nevada TrailsDuring the 1950's, American families began taking the roads less traveled across western public lands.  The backcountry beckoned and surplus military jeeps were plentiful.  In the ensuing years, families began seeking backcountry destinations and enjoying their leisure time exploring remote locations far from paved roads.  While some were seeking a destination, for others the journey was the destination.

Keying on the desire of people to explore backcountry by-ways, the folks at Adler Publishing began developing guidebooks highlighting spectacular backroads and 4-wheel drive trails.

Their latest in the backcountry trails series focuses on the western region of Nevada bounded by Reno, Winnemucca, and Tonopah.  This region feature a step back in time complete with abandoned mines, buildings and entire towns. The Nevada Trails edition features day trips and weekend get-a-ways to 39 locations and over 600 miles of trails in the remote Nevada backcountry.

The Nevada Trails Trail #14 features a segment of the historic Pony Express Trail. This 27 mile trail traverses the remote Nevada backcountry and highlights an important part of American history.   The guidebook provides a brief description on the history of the Pony Express along with a description of the trail today.

As with all trails featured, current day trail conditions are described along with an explanation of the historic significance of the trail.  Photographs highlight unique point of interest and significant features of each trail.  

Not sure where the trail starts? The authors have provided GPS coordinate of the beginning and end points of all trails.  In addition, GPS waypoints are provided that provide a turn-by-turn description of the trail.

If you are in search of scenic vistas, remote locations, and a window into the past, this is the guidebook for you.  The Nevada Trails book joins the growing list of Adler Publishing guidebooks that provide complete directions for day trips or weekend get-a-ways.  Pick up your copy and begin planning your next backcountry adventure.
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