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The Magic Of A Campfire Anytime Anywhere!

Gear Up For Fun With Campfire In A Can® The Gas Can™ Now You Can Enjoy The Magic Of A Campfire Anytime Anywhere!

The magic of a campfire can now be enjoyed easily anytime, anywhere with Campfire In A Can® - The Gas Can™.  The Gas Can™ is without a doubt the most versatile and innovative portable propane fire pit ever designed.  Fire Ban?  No problem, The Gas Can™ is Fire Ban Approved!  

The Gas Can™ by Campfire In A Can: CSA certified to 64,000 BTU’s, it’s literally the hottest campfire on the market! Safe to burn on a wood deck or patio carpet, The Gas Can is the only campfire with a certified zero clearance to combustibles! The innovative pedestal style base provides safe and easy internal storage of the 10' foot propane hose and regulator. Our innovative 3-spoke burner design creates a warm and robust campfire. A realistic one-piece log set with super glow woodchips gives your campfire an authentic wood burning appearance, no loose logs to rub together or break in transit. The high-efficiency propane regulator & adjustable shut off valve allows easy control of desired fire size up to 64,000 BTU’s. The RV Hook Up Coupler makes it easy and safe to attach the hose to your RV’s propane system. The aluminum canister top functions as a stand and a protective carrying case. Its collapsible handle folds flush for easy storage. The removable cooking grate is perfect for the coffee pot or skillet. Fuel: Propane, Weight: 14.6 lbs., Diameter: 14 3/4", Height: 10 1/4"

 All Campfire In A Can® products include the Happy Camper Guarantee – If you’re not happy, we’re not happy!  Each unit is precision crafted to produce a good old-fashioned, roaring campfire. Hassle-free and fun – the way a campfire should be.  All Campfire In A Can® products adhere to the Leave No Trace philosophy – protecting you and our environment.  

Campfire In A Can® portable campfires are the only ones designed with the outdoor enthusiast in mind. That’s because we’re outdoor enthusiasts, too. In fact, we were inspired to develop our products because we couldn’t find the kind of premium-quality outdoor fire pit we were looking for. From the backyard to the beach, tailgating, camping, RVing and beyond, our environmentally friendly, easy-to-use and safe outdoor fire pits give you a warm, welcoming campfire experience anytime, anywhere.  It’s the premium-quality portable campfire you can count on — from our family to yours.

The magic of a campfire
Where the fish get bigger
The mountains get higher
The hike was uphill both ways
New friends become old friends

The Gas Can™ by Campfire In A Can® - $239.99
The Cover™ by Campfire In A Can® - $32.00
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