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Life with a Jeep

While cycling through vehicles to check fluid levels, hoses, and belt condition, I noted seepage from the thermostat housing on my YJ. No problem, I had a couple gaskets and it was time to swap the stock housing for the hi-flow thermostat housing that has been taking up shelf space for several years. And, while I'm at it, a new fan belt as the one on is cracking and showing signs of wear.

Well, t-stat replacement was fairly quick. The belt replacement a little more involved as I needed to remove the K&N filter and air intake assembly.

And, now is a good time to finally install that hand throttle control as the air intake was obstructing the bracket that needed a hole drilled to add another bracket.Transmission cover with throttle cable bracket

That is when simplicity departed the garage and complexity assumed command.

Mount the manual control lever to the gear shift lever said the instructions

Well, I had already done that but really didn't like it there. So, alternate mounting options turned into fabrication opportunities. I have a MIG welder and am always looking for an excuse to melt something with it. Besides, I have a pile of scrap metal taking up space.

Turns out, I had just the right combination of scraps that no cutting or grinding was needed. Scrap metal does need significant wire brushing to clean a layer of rust to reveal bare metal.

Naturally, cleaning and fresh paint are in order and now waiting for paint to dry. The angle bracket (image above) has is mounted to the transmission cover.  I used a 2 inch section of 1 inch steel pipe welded on the bracket.  The throttle cable thumb control is mounted.  So, my bracket is done and mounted. Now, I need to begin re-assembling what I had to take apart. 

Then, there is the little matter of the transmission shifting lever that had to be removed to get the floor pan section out to drill a couple of mounting holes. I can't put that back without cleaning the old crude off and applying a fresh coat of paint. 

And the bolt threads...  They need cleaning to remove thread burrs and dried oil and dirt crud...

One thing about these little projects, I find an excuse to add another tool to my tool box. I needed a 5/8 - 18 thread die to clean the threads on the transmission lever mount. The lever was easy, a few seconds on the wire wheel, clean threads. The tranny is a little heavy and awkward for that trick....

Coming up is mounting the bracket and attaching the cable to the throttle lever....

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