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JK Security Drawer

I use my JK and frequently wished for additional security due items I carry in order to be fully compliant with California laws regarding transportation of firearms.  I have tried another brand and it is functional but lacks room for more than one firearm. Tuffy Security Products provides two options.  One is a cable connect that can be released allowing the locked case to be transported.  Still, space limited.  The Tuffy JK Conceal Carry Security Drawer answers the need for security and space.

The drawer is a 17 inch interior depth with enough room for two firearms and extra magazines.  It bolts under the driver seat using the existing seat mounting bolts.  If preferred, it is also configured for mounting under the passenger seat.

My first order of business was to provide an interior lining.  That is an option provided by Tuffy; however, I have scraps of outdoor carpeting left from other projects and opted to use my material.  A 17 inch length by 7 inches wide fits inside with slight trim to fit around the lock. 

Carpet cut and fit, it was time to address the drawer installation.  In my case, I have the 2010 JK and the seat is held in place with 18 mm bolts.  The directions indicate that 18 mm socket and ratchet are required.  I found it needed a little more than just a ratchet.  My air ratchet would not budge the bolts.  I resorted to a 20 inch 1-2 in drive breaker bar with a 12 inch extension handle to loosen the bolts enough for the air ratchet to quickly finish the removal.

Other than getting the bolts loose, installation was simple and quick.  There is one additional optional bolt requiring drilling through the floor pan which I opted not to install at this time.

One attractive option is the lock can be keyed alike with other Tuffy security products reducing the number of keys carried.

Drawer in place ready to fasten bolts Drawer in place with bolts tightened
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