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Hunter Ed Course Prepares New Hunters for a Safe First Turkey Hunt

Hunter Ed Course is available online at www.HunterEdCourse.com and is the official online hunter education course for Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Nebraska, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia hunter education requirements.

Hunter Ed Course uses actual photos with closed captioning and narration so the student can see, hear and read the material for maximum learning retention.  Practice quizzes are sprinkled throughout the hunter safety course to prepare the student for the final exam and if the state requires it, the field day.

There are three primary areas of learning for the student to prepare them for a safe first turkey hunt:
1. Hunter safety training
2. Legal hunter practices
3. Responsible hunting practices

To prepare the new turkey hunter for opening day, Hunter Ed Course is featuring tips and how to articles throughout turkey season on its blog.  The most recent article provides five tips to prepare the new turkey hunter for a safe, fun hunt.  The article “Spring Turkeys – The Ideal First Hunt after Hunter Education” can be read at www.HunterEdCourse.com/blog and features five tips for the new turkey hunter.

The International Hunter Ed Association (IHEA-USA) sets the standards for hunter education.  The Hunter Ed Course online hunter safety course is fully accredited and meets the standards for IHEA-USA.  

Once a hunter education card is earned from an IHEA-USA accredited hunter safety course, the card is recognized in all 50 states and all the Canadian provinces.  A hunter only needs to take hunter education once and then the certification is good for the lifetime of the hunter.

The first step to prepare a new hunter for a safe, fun turkey hunt this season is online hunter education available at www.HunterEdCourse.com.  

About Hunter Ed Course
Hunter Ed Course is a Michigan-based online Hunter Safety training company committed to ensuring the lifestyle and heritage of hunting in America through easier access to the sport with a low cost online hunter education training and information available at www.HunterEdCourse.com.

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