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Happy New Year from 4x4Wire

As I sit here putting the finishing touches on 2015, I am reminded that 25 years ago in December, the first webpage was published on a computer network in Geneva, Switzerland. That was the beginning of what is know today as the World Wide Web.  It has been a fantastic E-Ticket type ride from those days to today.  Technology has made, and continues to make, changes at a rapid pace.


And, 16 years ago, Jan 1, 2000, 4x4Wire went live on the web.  That has been another interesting journey.  The original archived content for the past 16 years is still available.  There have been changes in vehicles.  From carburetors to fuel injection.  From leaf spring suspension to coil spring suspension.  Many garage modifications to improve performance have become mainstream product.  Many have found their way to the vehicles delivered to the the showroom floor.

Vehicles have become more capable.  And, places to go are becoming less. Private parks have opened and closed.  Public lands are under pressure to limit (or eliminate) 4x4 opportunity.

4x4Wire has been a proponent of protecting access to public lands.  4x4Wire will continue to bring the latest information forward.  And educated recreationinst is necessary to help preserve our opportunity.

And, access to public lands is not just for 4x4. It includes motorcycles, ATVs, side-by-sides and it encompasses a wide range of other activities that depend on a motor vehicle or access to public lands; rock hounds, photography, hunting, fishing and many other activities.

4x4Wire and it's associated websites (4x4Voice.com, MUIRNet.net, and OutdoorWire.com) will be here in 2016 with the latest news and information to keep you informed.

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

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