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Get Involved: The 5-Minute Activist

There are many ways you can become involved for as little as 5 minutes a month.  Please take a few minutes to look over the following list of opportunities.  Activism is you being active in protecting your rights.  Activism starts with ACT.

5 Minutes a Month --
-- Leave a copy of your club or association newsletter at work.
-- Put a note about your club activities in the company newsletter.
-- Call or send an e-mail to your elected official.
-- Write a contribution check to a political action fund.
-- On your next trail ride, stop and pick up a broken bottle or crushed can.

15 Minutes a Month --
-- Call new club members to welcome them and ask them to get involved.
-- Write a "Dear Legislator" letter on a critical issue.
-- Write a Letter to a public official to preserve recreation opportunities.
-- Write a Letter to the Editor about recreation issues.
-- Leave your campsite cleaner than you found it.

1-2 Hours a Month --
-- Write several letters to representatives and local newspaper editors.
-- Get to know your local legislator.
-- Become more active in your local club.
-- Take membership applications and newsletters to libraries and stores.
-- Attend a local Planning Board meeting.
-- Attend a BLM or Forest Service Public Comment meeting.

3-5 Hours a Month --
-- Join a campaign to clean up a campsite or trail.
-- Participate in a club or association committee.
-- Work with the political committee to elect recreation supportive candidates to office.
-- Volunteer on a phone bank.
-- Work at a community outreach booth on a weekend.
-- Take a friend on a club or association outing

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