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Friends of Eldorado work party dates have been set!

Friends of Eldorado work party dates have been set!
August 9th and September 27th

Both of these will be general clean-ups. The August 9th clean-up will be a minor clean-up in the Iron Mountain Road area and we will not need that many people. We may have to limit it to under 20 people or so. However, September 27th is National Public Lands Day! We are hoping for a huge turnout with that one to cover a big area or several areas on the same day. Several FOE members have spent time scouting areas to work on for that date. Another e-mail will go out at the end of the month giving you more information on the 27th date.

We have had several major projects in the works with the Forest Service for quite some time. Rick Ferdon has spent many hours with them as our lead Forest Service contact. Some of the projects included; removing old Forest Service buildings in several places to create dispursed campsite, installing bear boxes, planting trees, working on Barret Jeep Trail etc.

Unfortunately, most of these projects have been shelved for now due to red tape. The Forest Service has been sued so much in the past, they have to jump through a ton of hoops to get anything done at all. For example, voulenteers cannot help tear down an old building if there is lead in the paint. (Lead was found in several of the buildings we were going to dispose of. FOE took the paint samples to get tested and they came back positive)

We have just recently been given the go ahead to put a plan together to remove two buildings in the Silverfork area later this year. once the final approval is given we shall set dates for this.

While some of these bigger projects WILL come to fruition, for now we just have a few set backs to overcome before we take them on.

We are constantly looking for other potential projects. If you have an idea for a FOE workparty, PLEASE go to www.friendsofeldorado.com and drop us a line thru the work party Idea form.

Several things FOE has done in the past few months:

1. Rick Ferdon has been very busy pulling massive amounts of debris from a site off Silverfork road. This included a massive water tank and batteries.

2. Alfred Heck and a few others cleaned up a campsite that was left a total mess on the Rubicon during a very wet Memorial day.

3. The Rock Zombies not only cleaned up several messes left on the Rubicon, they held a very successful fund-raiser for FOE generating over $1,500

4. Many FOE members have been working very hard on appealing the Eldorado FEIS.

Thank you for taking an active role in helping to keep our access in Eldorado National Forest!

The Friends of Eldorado
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