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Expanded Range of High Power LED Lights from Magnalight

In an ongoing effort to meet the needs of their industrial, military and security oriented customer base around the world, Larson Electronics' Magnalight.com introduced several new LED light formats to its range of high powered emitters.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) December 15, 2008 -- Magnalight.com, a supplier of industrial, military, and security oriented lighting products, is introducing several new LED light formats to its product line. Included in the new product release was a 4 LED model, measuring only 3.5 inches long, 2.75 inches tall and 2.7 inches deep. At the opposite end of the range, magnalight.com has an 80 LED light bar that is 40 inches long, 2.75 inches tall and 2.7 inches deep.

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"We have had a tremendous response to the LED emitter lights when it comes to repeat sales," stated Rob Bresnahan, President of Magnalight.com. "Generally, there is skepticism about the amount of the light these bars can produce and project. However, after limited trials, customers return to buy more. Each individual LED is packaged inside of its own reflector. When grouped together, the effect is similar to a wide spot beam, illuminating a large area with even, bright, white light. The 12 LED light models easily light up an area 400 feet long by 400 feet wide, and along with the 8 LED models, these have been popular with the security industry. They work well with all kinds of cameras for surveillance applications. The 40 LED lights and 80 LED lights are popular with military and mining applications, where durability and longevity, supported by our waterproof and shockproof design, are critical. We now offer these LED light emitters in infrared models, including 850 nm and 940 nm, which are ideal for covert night vision applications," Rob continued. "Our 20 LED models are popular with customers looking to light up signs in a retail environment and the 16 LED and 24 LED light emitters are popular replacements for traditional halogen lights on front loaders, wheel loaders, tractors and other heavy equipment where traditional lighting solutions tend to break regularly. The 4X4 and 4X6 LED arrays concentrate more luminosity in a tighter area which is ideal for construction related applications. NASA is using them on the lunar rovers, the US military is using them to outfit the MRAPs and the Coast Guard is using them because they eliminate the problems with 'casting' on the open water, since the light produced in not reflective."

"In fact," Rob announced, "we have a pending ATEX rating on the LED lights for use in hazardous location areas and we are submitting it to UL for an explosion proof, Class 1 Division 1 rating in United States. Given their lightweight design, waterproof construction and longevity, we think that these LED light emitters offer several advantages in the explosion proof lighting marketplace. Given that most metal halide and fluorescent fixtures are very heavy, these LED emitter lights offer lightweight, powerful alternatives to the established choices, especially where portability is required. There could be a big difference in dragging a 125 pound light fixture into a tank for cleaning through a 18 inch manhole and bringing a 20 pound light fixture. More importantly, it is not necessary to relamp these LED lights, so you are not relying on operators to properly re-assemble gaskets and hardware improperly within the fixture, possibly creating a hazardous situation."

Rob concluded, "Generally, I think LED lights have turned the corner. A lot of the initial LED applications, like flashlights and other handheld lights, were weak flood lights at best, covering 15 or 20 feet. Although much more expensive, the newer LED technology offers very powerful light output, while still drawing much less amps and longevity of 100,000 plus hours. People look for our LED light emitters because they are waterproof and draw fewer amps than any other lighting solution. However, they are shocked when they see how much light they put out. That is why OEMs are integrating them into all kinds of mobile equipment, where low amp draw requirements usually relegated their designs to low output halogens. Although significantly more expensive initially, these LED light emitters are a real breakthrough when it comes to total cost of ownership for equipment builders and designers."

Larson Electronics offers a wide range of industrial grade lighting products, including military spotlights, explosion proof lights and HID remote control lights. On the consumer side, Larson Electronics manufactures and sells some of the most versatile and powerful handheld hunting spotlights available today. Larson Electronics LLC sells directly through its website, Magnalight.com and its products are also available as special order items at distributors like Grainger, Fastenal, Techni-Tool, McMaster Carr and MSC Industrial Supply. You can learn more about Larson Electronics LLC at www.mangalight.com or by calling 1-800-369-6671

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