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Every Trail is a Special Trail

With just a dozen days left until November 6, TPAC believes that "excessive regulation" has joined the "gun issue" as a deciding factor in this election. Many political experts believe that Al Gore's harsh anti-gun stance cost him the election in the 2000 presidential race against George Bush.

Over-regulation at the EPA, Department of Interior, and other agencies has been a major topic throughout the primary and presidential debates. Those regulations are impacting energy development - including the reduction of permits issued - on public lands. It's not just energy permits that have been reduced or made complex over the last 4 years... the Department of Interior is threatening the issuance of OHV permits due to a myriad of baseless concerns about potential impacts that motorized events might have on the Sage Grouse and other species.

The Forest Service has also complicated it recreation permitting process for OHV events. On another access issue, the Forest Service has proposed to basically close ALL sand trails in the forested areas of the Oregon Dunes. TPAC believes a pro-trail and pro-regulatory reform Congress and White House would review and amend those regulations to reduce their impact on family-oriented recreational use of federal lands.

Green PACs are going full-bore until Nov. 6 and so should TPAC and our trail voters. TPAC believes that "every trail is a special trail" and we should do everything we can to make sure those special routes remain open for future generations.

Thanks also to the following donors who stepped up to the plate and hit a homer this last week.

TRAIL CHAMPION - $200 or more

Steve - Reno, NV - $200
Bill - Grants Pass, OR - $200

TRAIL BOSS - $100 or more

Mike - Denver, CO - $100
Gary - Boise, ID - $100


Thanks for your continued support of the fight.

Don Amador, Founder
The Trail PAC


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