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Earth Day - 2009 Style

April 22 is fashionably known as "Earth Day".  First observed in 1970, the angst was the world is growing colder and man is to blame.  Today, the angst is the world is growing warmer and man is to blame.

Surly there must be some news about Earth Day that provides an optimistic view of someone doing something.  Alas, all that fills the newswires today is press releases touting how companies are green and will become "greener" if you spend your "green" (as in cash) with them.

Commercialism has replaced idealism.  California Air Resources Board continues to drive stake after stake into a struggling economy.  On the Federal level, the Environmental Protection Agency continues to ignore science in favor of politics.

What?  You say that was the EPA tactic under the last administration?  This administration is going to base decisions on science? Sorry, it is still politics and politically correct thinking that trump science.

Science seeks answers to questions.  The pundits at CARB and EPA have no use for science as they believe they have the answers and science gets in the way of carrying out their politically correct thinking.

And that, is my view......

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