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DIY RV Tire Care Tips Published

Pedata RV Center publishes do-it-yourself tire maintenance tips in the form of a video. The video shows how easy it is to take just a few minutes and check tires for pressure, damage and wear which could help an RV stay on the road and out of the service department.

Phoenix, AZ  April 6, 2009:  Proper tire maintenance is important for any vehicle. And because Motorhomes are generally some of the larger vehicles on the road, good tire maintenance becomes even more important. The Pedata RV service video outlines 3 things to look for when examining your RV tires yourself:

1. RV Tire Pressure Check - Begin with checking the tire pressure of all the RV tires. Locate the valve stem, remove the cap and check the pressure with your tire pressure gauge. The pressure that is needed on your tire will be listed on the actual tire for example "85 PSI Cold". A "cold tire" reading means you checked the tire after it had enough time to cool, or hadn't been driven on recently. A cold tire should provide a very accurate PSI reading. A "hot tire" reading would occur if you were checking a recently driven on tire. Climate also plays a part. In a hotter environment you want to drop about 5 pounds from the recommended tire pressure on each tire because tires do heat up a lot and gain pressure driving down the road. Another big tip about tire pressure is if it is not set properly you are going to use more fuel, which now days is extremely important. Therefore be sure to maintain the proper pressure in each tire.

2. RV Tire Sidewall Check - Check for any cracks or any tire wear if maybe you rubbed or hit a curb. Some cracking is normal but deep or heavy cracking is not normal, you will need to get the tired checked and possibly replaced.

3. RV Tire Tread Wear Check - If your tire is wearing on the outside and inside of the tire, which means your tire needs to be inflated. So check the tire pressure and make sure it is at the proper setting. If the tire tread is wearing in the middle, its means that you're over pressurizing your tires and you need to drop the pressure to the proper setting. If it is wearing just on the outside of the tire you need to take it to a tire shop and have you alignment checked and possibly aligned. If you have a heavy vibration in the front usually that means that the tires are not balanced so you should also take it to the tire shop and have them checked. If one tire shows signs of wear faster than another tire it may be a sign that something other than normal tire wear is occurring and you should have it checked. Normal tire wear is expected. Extend the life of your tires by having the tires rotated on a regular basis. Talk to your tire dealer about proper tire rotation intervals.

Clint Ethington, general manager of Pedata RV Center says, "Tires are one of the easiest things to keep an eye on. They aren't in a compartment or under the hood. Take a few minutes when you are on the road and regularly inspect for damage. And if you are storing your RV, consult your tire manufacturer's instructions for storage."

Other Tips for RV Tire Care:
- Don't overload your tires. One of the leading causes of tire failure is poor weight distribution and tire overload.
- Ozone and UV rays can cause dry rot and tire degradation. When the RV is not in use, cover the tires and if you can, store them in a dry place away from sunlight.
- When not in use, place wood or metal between the tire and the bare ground.
- Know the age of your RV tires. All tires manufactured in the U.S. have a DOT number. The DOT number is usually located on the sidewall, and could be on the interior side of the tire. The last three or four digits in the DOT number identify the age of the tire.

To view the RV Tire Maintenance video, visit www.pedatarvcenter.com and look for the RV service button in the left hand navigation.

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