Do you want to find a training class near you? Our instructors have their classes listed by dates and times. We help you get connected with your instructor quickly and easily. Do you want to find a FFL dealer? We provide an up to date directory that makes it easy to find the right one near you. How about finding a Gunsmith? Accessories for your AR15? Nearest Shooting Range? Finally. The ConcealnCarry Network helps you find all of this on one site!

Says Dixon …I created this site because as I grew more interested in the firearms industry I noticed that there wasn’t an easy way to find anything firearms related. The regular search engines could not easily help you find an open class near you and none of them gave you in-depth information about the firearms businesses. Currently anyone wanting to take a concealed carry class to get their CCW license had to do some internet searching to find a business close to them then make a lot of calls trying to find an open class when they want to attend. I decided to find a solution and that is where the ConcealednCarry Network idea came from.”

Our listing members are manufacturers, firearms trainers, retail business owners, online accessory companies, gunsmiths, gun clubs owners and much more. They will benefit from a state-of-the-art marketing system that calls visitors needs to their attention.

Visitors simply use the interactive map or utilize our advanced search engine to find the service, product, or training class that you offer. We encourage visitors to rate the service and products you provide to give you important feedback.