BlueRibbon Coalition is making a Turn the Tide Tour around the United States, rallying grassroots recreationists and carrying our voices to Washington DC at the end of the tour - in person; face to face.  This is a chance for ALL of us to get our opinions and concerns herd. Please check out the map and join in if you can.  Join in virtually with your voice if you can't join in the tour physically.

Greg Mumm is making this "iron butt" ride on his motorcycle (dual sport), but his message will be for ALL sports and ALL trails.  He will hit DC before the elections (and voting time).  Off road, off-pavement, over the snow, off highway, and off the beaten path (still on the trail) voices will resonate in the halls of Congress.  Please join in.

Greg is starting in the mid-West, hitting the northeast, running down to Florida, cutting across the south and Texas, coming up thru California the Pacific Northwest, back to the starting point, then flying to Washington DC with OUR voices, our concerns, and our vision of a new USA for outdoor recreation.

See the proposed route here: