BBQ Stand to Chopsaw StandThe old grill had seen better days.  Weather and rust had taken it toll on the cast iron body.  But, before heading to scrape pile of history, there was life left in the stand.  The frame was sound.  There were wood platforms on each side.  One end had wheels.  It was the perfect base for my chop saw stand.

I removed the burner control bracket and replaced it with a piece of angle iron.  Next came a piece of particle board.  I now had a stand where my chop saw could reside in comfort and be moved around the shop to keep it out of harms way.  Best of all, I had a convenient and solid work base to move the chop saw outside.

In bracket placement, I measured from the chop saw table top to the ground and added the thickness of the particle board.  That left the table of the saw even with the platforms on each side of the former BBQ grill stand.

While the weight of the saw is enough to hold it in place, I did position four bumpers to ensure there would be no movement of the saw.  A mobile stand and convenient working height.  Best of all, at almost no cost.  The nuts, bolts and angle iron were left over materials.  I did have to buy the particle board base.