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Over 30 Body Kit Manufacturers All Under One Site

BodyKits.Net now has the widest selection of body kits, ground effects and auto aerodynamics for all cars, trucks and suvs. The site distributes over 30 brands allowing consumers to choose from the different styles and materials.

Costa Mesa, CA. (PRWEB) January 22, 2009 -- BodyKits.Net is now proud to carry the largest selection of body kits and ground effects for all cars, trucks and SUV's including imports, domestics, euros & exotics. The purpose of a body kit is to enhance the overall look of your vehicle. These automotive aerodynamics allow you to make your vehicle unique and create the illusion of making your car to appear lowered.

A bodykit can also be known as a ground effects. Body Kits Ground effects are parts of an automobile's lower body designed to enclose the gap between the bottom of the fuselage and the ground. The purpose of ground effects are to deflect air around the car rather than under it, reducing the lifting effect of air passing under the car at high speed. Lift reduces the tires' contact with the road, resulting in reduced control. This effect differs from genuine Ground effect, in which airflow is manipulated in such a way as to create downforce on the car, pressing the tires harder onto the road. Ground effects can be part of the vehicle's original design, or aftermarket parts added later. It should be noted that aftermarket body parts generally simulate the appearance of a vehicle in ground effect and usually do not provide significant aerodynamic benefit. Some ground effects are aerodynamically functional. The most popular aerodynamic kits we carry are for: a Ford Mustang, BMW, and Nissan body kits just to mention a few.

BodyKits.Net carries body kits and ground effects in the following materials: fiberglass, duraflex, poly-urethane, carbon fiber and abs plastic. Fiberglass kits that are made in this material can either be hand-laid or sprayed with a machine. All the fiberglass part we sell on this site are hand-laid. Fiberglass car parts are very easy to paint as the material absorbs the paint easily. Some people don't like fiberglass parts because they require a lot of work. Here is the bottom line: 80% of the fiberglass parts we sell have no fitment issues. 15% require minor modifications and only 5% of the parts will require major modifications. Duraflex is an upgraded fiberglass that is mixed with a urethane resin that creates a part that is a little more durable and a little more flexible than a regular fiberglass part. It can be worked on and painted like a regular fiberglass part. It costs a little more but it's totally worth it. We would recommend Duraflex over a regular fiberglass part. Poly-Urethane body kits are great fitting parts. We would recommend these parts if you are looking for parts that do not require any modifications. Although there are no guarantees on the fitment we never have complaints on fitment issues for these parts. The drawback for these parts is that they are more expensive compared to fiberglass and Duraflex parts. Carbon Fiber kits are very light in weight and are usually not painted. Like urethane body kits these parts have great fitment since it is very difficult to modify them. These are the most expensive parts but for a good reason. Most people purchase these parts for functionality since they decrease the overall weight of your car. They are usually not painted for that same reason and they look very stylish without any paint. Abs Plastic ground effects are a combination of all 4 material mentioned above. The main problem is that there is not a huge selection to choose from. They have great fitment, they are easily paint-able and they have excellent fitment.


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