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Blue: For Earth, For Humanity, For Freedom

While much media (and political) hype points to climate change and global warming as the cause, it is not a simple answer.  The 20th Century was one of the three wettest centuries within the past 1,250 years.  The 20th Century (1922 to be exact) is the base year for water allocation from the Colorado River.  California draws a considerable amount of Colorado River water.

While the Rocky Mountains have experienced reduced snow pack, the Sierra Nevada Mountains have also experienced reduced snow pack for a number of years.  This is where the media (and political) hype focus on climate change.  Well, yes, the “climate” is changing; just as it has been changing for many centuries.  While the media (and political) hype focuses on the human element and the need to combat climate change, the scientific community is seeking to understand the effects of the changing environment and determine what impacts the changing climate will have on wildlife, plant like and human life.

With respect to the presentation Blue, I have been seeing similar comments supporting an anti-climate change/environmentist perspective.  It is interesting when you learn that the demise of the polar ice caps is based on 1979 as the baseline year; the first year LANSAT photos of the world were available.  Coincidentally, that year was towards the end of a 30+ year documented cooling trend and the polar ice caps were expanded from normal.

Subsequently, they lost about 10% of coverage and by 2012 were beginning to rebuild.  Now, they are down about 5% from baseline and increasing.  Interestingly, there are a number of theories that the 1979 baseline year was about 10% above the historic norm.

Climate change (weather pattern changes) are a reality and have been happening for many decades; actually centuries.  Overall, the environmental movement and adherence to climate change dogma has cost individuals their life savings, communities their way of life, and taxpayers million (going on billions) with increased food and energy costs.

There are many actions policy makers have done in the past that are having an impact now.  There will be changes in the future dictated by the availability of water.  It is very interesting being involved with the discussions concerning climate change that are not garnering headlines. It is also very interesting to see cause and effect and consequences of the environmental movement being exposed.....

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