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Automotix Now Offers Access to Full List of Auto Recalls and Defects

Automotix Now Offers Access to Full List of Auto Recalls and Defects
Members can now easily search for NHTS Recalls and Defects Free of Charge

Mission, KS. August 5, 2008 (PRAvenueNW) -- Automotix, the premier destination for finding used car parts online, announced this week that they have launched a brand new service for their members. Now, anyone can easily find NHTS Recalls and Defects right on the Automotix website.

Members can search for their vehicle make and model and get current information on any recalls or manufacturer defects. The process is simple and provides accurate and up to date information that car owners need to know. Once they have located the correct make, model and year of their vehicle, members get full access to detailed information involving any issues that may need to be addressed.

Once the results load, the member is directed to more information on how to get their vehicle repaired, as well as full disclosure on the impact that the recall or defect may have on their vehicle. Consumers rarely get this level of access to this information, nor have they been able to find it in one, easy to access spot. Automotix is providing the community with this information completely free of charge.

To check for current vehicle recalls and defects, just visit Automotix’s site, or load http://www.automotix.net/autorepair/recalls.html to begin the search.

In addition to that, Automotix recently introduced a resource section dedicated to documenting car problems and customer complaints about specific vehicles, which is based on a huge database of information from the US Transportation Department. The database is searchable, making it easy to just specify a make, model, and year – and take a look at the various customer complaints related to that specific vehicle. The section is available at:  http://www.automotix.net/autorepair/car_problems.html

About the Company: Automotix.net is striving to build one of the largest used auto and parts communities on the web and their unique method of connecting buyers and sellers promises to do just that. Their name, which is short for Automotive Exchange, really says it all. From simple used auto body parts on common cars to the rarest wheel rims for the rarest fine automobiles, you'll find everything you need, all in one place.
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