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ATS Stabilizer Install

b2ap3_thumbnail_Fox-ATS-Stabilizer.jpgThe 4x4Wire JK recently underwent a slight transformation - from stock to gears, lockers, and lift. That change included new (larger) tires.  And, that resulted in a “bump steer” issue that has now been corrected.

The ultimate solution is the ATS Stabilizer from Fox.  While the Fox ATS Stabilizer is designed to be a direct replacement with a factory suspension, the 4x4Wire JK does have an aftermarket suspension which does entail a little more than just bolting it on.  Installation was quick with little in the way of problems.

The final check is a complete cycling of the suspension including stop to stop turning of the tires.  One slight clearance issue was noted when the tires were turned to the stops.  The stabilizer mounts to the axle using a rod end bearing, also known as a heim joint.  At full stop, the bearing was in contact with the axle.  The addition of a washer provided sufficient clearance to let the bearing cycle free.

After test driving, my perception is that handling is significantly improved.  The “bump steer” is gone.  The sensitive steering is gone.  Turning the wheels does give a slight resistance which translates to a more stable ride and firmer control on highways.

Steering - bump steer after a lift


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