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ASF: Hydrogen Autos, Blind Spot Mirrors, Cell Phones

Automobile Safety Foundation has great ideas. Blind spot mirrors, hydrogen vehicles, cell phones

Los Angeles (PRWEB) April 29, 2009 -- Since 1988 the Automobile Safety Foundation, a non -profit organization, is the nation's premiere auto safety organization with over twenty years of safety achievements. Foremost among their accomplishment, is the ASF contributions leading to the replacement of the hazardous steering lock (1969) with safe and modern auto theft prevention technology, now the industry standard. ASF calls the remedial departure from these spring loaded locks, ''the liberation of the automobile.''

In the past year, ASF released on their web page www.carsafe.org the "world's safest" blind spot mirrors to address the dangerous blind spot inherent on standard equipment side view mirrors. This dangerous blind spot causes almost a million accidents annually. The mirrors are available there to order from ASF. This year ASF will introduce a new program aimed to encourage hands free cell phone driving by offering Bluetooth equipment to the driving public to be availed on the ASF web page.

Additionally, ASF supports alternative energy for the automotive industry and the world. ASF research now recognizes the discoveries in hydrogen conversion of the traditional internal combustion engine from gasoline to hydrogen. There is a wealth of technological information on the internet to conclude that current vehicle production, can be simply converted to run partially, if not completely, on hydrogen gas made from water. This same conversion technology can also be applied to the multitude of vehicles now on the road as an aftermarket product. ASF encourages the design and production of new hybrid vehicles, with hydrogen conversion at the forefront, Perhaps this is the long overdue action that can save the U.S. automakers.

ASF is also introducing the new program, "Partners for Auto Safety" that offers those with concerns for auto safety, the opportunity to help raise funds for auto safety. Partners worldwide, working from their own location, and making their own hours, use their business abilities to make their communities safer, while earning up to twenty per cent of funds raised. Please contact the ASF web site for more information: www.carafe.org

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