The season of political posturing is reaching new lows.  Consider this proposed California legislation (AB 48) that would ban the sale of tools because they MIGHT be used to alter the capacity of an ammo magazine.  It is silly; but, considering Assemblyman Skinner is from the ultra-liberal Berkeley area, to him and his constituents, it is perfectly rational.

Text from AB 48, submitted by Skinner (D-Berkeley), proposes to ban the sale of any device that is capable of converting an ammunition feeding device into a large-capacity magazine.

It also requires that dealers report ammo sales to the DOJ. And, it requires notification to local law enforcement agencies whenever you buy a (yet to be specified) amount of ammo.

“(1) Existing law defines “large-capacity magazine” to mean any ammunition feeding device with the capacity to accept more than 10 rounds but excludes, in pertinent part, a feeding device that has been permanently altered so that the magazine cannot accommodate more than 10 rounds

This bill would make it a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of not more than $1,000 or imprisonment in a county jail not to exceed 6 months, or by both that fine and imprisonment, to knowingly manufacture, import, keep for sale, offer or expose for sale, or give or lend any device that is capable of converting an ammunition feeding device into a large-capacity magazine”

“(2) This bill would require anyone in the state, prior to selling, transferring, or otherwise furnishing ammunition to an individual or business entity in this state or any other state to require proper identification, as prescribed, to be an authorized firearms dealer, and to report the sales to the Department of Justice

The bill would require the department to alert local law enforcement entities in the community in which the purchaser resides if an individual purchaser who is not a peace officer obtains more than ____ rounds within a 5-day period”


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