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4x4Wire 2012 Voters Guide

Forest Service travel management-related closures and over-regulation by the EPA often impact trail use on public lands. Tens of thousands of miles of historic trails and roads on public lands have been closed over the last 4 years to OHV users. Trail enthusiasts need pro-OHV advocates in the U.S. Senate and U.S House of Representatives to champion responsible access to public lands.

The Trail Political Action Committee (TPAC) was founded as the first national non-partisan political action committee dedicated solely to championing responsible off-highway vehicle recreation on designated roads, trails, and areas on public lands through the electoral and legislative processes.

TPAC believes that "all land-use decisions are political decisions." The TPAC strategic goal is simple. TPAC will contribute to pro-access politicians who will support OHV recreation friendly legislation and oppose anti-access proposals and agency over regulation.

The TPAC tactical goal is to target key races using state-of-the art real-time analysis where there is a tough election and the pro-access candidate needs some extra support to help to defeat their opponent.

TPAC is needed to counter the anti-access special interests in Washington, D.C. who have long ago figured that contributing to closure-oriented politicians is how they will accomplish their goal of restricting OHV access on federal lands. TPAC is ready to stand in that political breach to stop the flow of anti-access politicians into the Capitol. TPAC will work hard to reverse that trend so that pro-access legislators will exist as the majority in Congress and the White House.

TPAC will actively represent the interests of OHV recreationists by promoting and supporting legislators and legislation that are critical to the long-term viability of our recreational activities. TPAC will aggressively work to defeat legislators and legislation that undermines our right to access public lands in a responsible manner.

Watch this forum for key races identified by The TrailPAC as needing OHV support and votes.

And, if you have a favorite trail-champion as your elected representative (state or federal), add your comment and let others know.

Get started at the 4x4Wire TrailTalk Political Forums....

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