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2013 OHV Lobby Days

Help promote and save OHV recreation.  You have two opportunities to contact your elected representatives during April when they are in their home district during Congressional Recess: from March 25th-April 5th and from April 29th-May 3rd, 2013.

Every OHV enthusiasts should reach out to their elected Legislators when they are in their home offices and ask for a meeting to discuss items that are important to you.  It is your chance to “tell your story” about your passion for OHV recreation.

Your Congressman may be unaware of issues you, their constituent; the one voting for them.  Congressmen like to hear from their constituents.  You can contact their Washington office, ask for the staff member that handles public land policy, and arrange a local office visit the time during the Congressional recess periods.

Discuss items that mean the most to you: Johnson Valley, the Rubicon Trail, or the Eldorado Forest Trails.

There is a specific target that affects all OHV: Johnson Valley OHV Area.  The fate of Johnson Valley (Marine Corps base expansion) will likely be decided in the 2013 legislative session.  Your voice to help educate the Legislators on the importance of this area to OHV recreation is critical.

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