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2010 Navajo Nation Tour

For those who were able to make this trip, we discovered one of the most extraordinary places in the USA. Our entire trip was spent in the Navajo Nation and we were fortunate to get a glimpse of the immensely rich cultural and historic character of this remarkable place.

As we have mentioned before, this type of trip is not just about seat time in the 4WD. It is an adventure to explore the land, it's history, it’s people and, of course, the scenery. To do this, it necessarily meant that we needed to get out of our vehicles and enjoy the adventure up close. Full appreciation was not possible without knowing some history of the area and without some "foot" exploration. We did just that and have the worn out boots to prove it.

The Navajo Nation aggressively protects it’s archeological sites and artifacts and makes certain that they remain unaltered and undamaged. A great deal of our trip was made possible by the generous permission by the Navajo Nation allowing us to visit and experience some of the finest Anasazi sites in the Southwest. The most important ingredient to appreciating these sites were our guides. They were able to give us a cultural and historic perspective that brought these sites to life and helped us to understand what we were seeing. I cannot thank them enough. For those interested, I would recommend each of our 4 guides again, without hesitation, and I will provide contact information, if requested.

As with most trips, pre-planning is a must. Several areas we visited, have been on my MUST-SEE list of places, and in some cases, they have been on the list for years. As such, a great deal of research and time went into the selection of locations as well as guides that could competently guide us. In ALL respects, we hit a home run.

Click HERE to read more about the adventure from Outdoor Adventure USA.

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