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KETCHUM, ID – The Sawtooth National Forest is reminding visitors to be extra vigilant this summer when storing their food to avoid attracting black bears. Bears possess an extremely keen sense of smell, and can find food from great distances.  Once a bear finds food near humans, it is likely to com...

Sawtooth NRA Closures Announced

SAWTOOTH NATIONAL RECREATION AREA ROAD AND TRAIL CLOSURE and TERMINATION OF ROAD AND TRAILS CLOSURE KETCHUM, ID - The Sawtooth National Forest is closing one Trail Bridge and one road on the Sawtooth National Recreation Area for public safety. This will be in effect until November 30, 2017 or resci...


TWIN FALLS, ID, May 23, 2017  – The Seasonal Closure for Roads and Trails on the Minidoka Ranger District has been terminated by the Sawtooth National Forest Supervisor.   Pursuant to Title 36 CFR 261.S0(a) and/or (b), the prohibitions listed in Order Number 0414-01-115, Roads and trails Closure O...

Minidoka Ranger District will extend road and motorized trails restrictions

TWIN FALLS, ID – The Minidoka Ranger District will extend road and motorized trails restrictions currently in place until noon on May 26 2017 or until rescinded by the Forest Supervisor whichever comes first to protect for public health and safety, and protect our transportation infrastructure.  Hig...
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