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Featuring news and information about OHV recreation and environment issues around the nation. (Site registration required to post)

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Tracking Federal Legislation

With the convening of the 115th Congress, many bills are being introduced that have an impact on motorized recreation and outdoor activities.  Select legislation is being tracked and updates provided on OutdoorWire.   NOTE: this is only selected Federal legislation.  For a comprehensive list of all...

What does the term mean?

Land use efforts come with many strange terms.  If you are faced with a bureaucratic term and no definition, check my MUIRNet Glossary at the below link......

The Forgotten Items!

I’ve heard of truck and trailer rentals that were done on a cash basis. Nothing talks louder than a couple of 100 dollar bills to induce a tow truck driver to pull you out of a remote stuck!  I suggest big cash somewhere between $500 and $1,000. Hide it in your vehicle or split it with a buddy. Mak...

Throttle Out | JL Wrangler Dyno Battle

Jeep hasn’t offered two engines in the same generation Wrangler since the TJ so we knew engine choice would be a big decision for people. We were excited to put both engines on the rollers to see what they would do and the results were surprising! - Ryan Huck To commemorate this, Ryan decided to co...

Habitat - Learn More and Become Involved

Critical Habitat is that habitat necessary for survival and recovery of threatened and endangered species. Destruction, degradation, and fragmentation of habitat is a driving force behind today's decline in species and biodiversity. Impacts to habitat can be caused directly by such activities as th...

Throttle Out | SEMA 2018

There are always a ton of crazy builds at SEMA and it was hard to narrow it down to the top 3. Besides the builds, it was really exciting to see all the new products that are coming out for the JL platform. – Ryan Huck Watch it here: https://www.extremeterrain.com/throttle-out-sema-top3.html_______...

Turn5 Kansas Grand Opening

On display were customer vehicles including the American Muscle Sweepstakes winner Jordan Miller of Spring Hill, Kansas. Jordan showed off his 800 horsepower, 2018 Mustang GT RTR Spec 3. This 365,000 square-foot facility was built to help T5 expand its fulfillment operations and create better cust...

NEPA - The Basics

ensures that agencies (BLM and all other agencies) take environmental factors into account when considering Federal actions. NEPA does not mandate protection of the environment. Instead, it requires agencies to follow a particular process in making decisions and to disclose the information/data th...

How to Hitch Your Trailer

Before you hitch your trailer to your tow vehicle, you need to become familiar with your trailer’s coupler. A hitch ball coupler will connect to a ball located on or underneath the rear bumper of your tow vehicle. A ring and pintle coupler works by connecting the ring on the trailer to the pintle e...

Trail Program Funds Over $12,000 to Stewardship Projects

Forty-three grants, funding $12,650 in trail improvement projects around the country, have now been distributed to various organizations. In just the past few months – for the summer and fall of 2018 – ExtremeTerrain has approved an additional 14 grants bringing the seasonal support of these envir...

The Haul | 2018 Diesel F150

In October’s episode of ‘The Haul’, Justin reviews the 2018 F150 Diesel comparing it to the previous 2015-17 design as well as a side-by-side with AT’s fleet 2018 F150 STX equipped with 5.0L V-8. In this video, Justin describes the perks and quirks of this new F-150 variant, explaining some of its ...

2018 – Top Off Road Trails & Parks in America [INFOGRAPHIC]

2018 Top Off Road Trails in America – by PartCatalog Car and Truck Accessories    Read full article...

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