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Featuring news and information about OHV recreation and environment issues around the nation. (Site registration required to post)

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Tracking Federal Legislation

With the convening of the 115th Congress, many bills are being introduced that have an impact on motorized recreation and outdoor activities.  Select legislation is being tracked and updates provided on OutdoorWire.   NOTE: this is only selected Federal legislation.  For a comprehensive list of all...

What does the term mean?

Land use efforts come with many strange terms.  If you are faced with a bureaucratic term and no definition, check my MUIRNet Glossary at the below link......

10 Eco-Driving Tips for Everyone

Below are a few tips to help drivers conserve fuel and save money at the pump, while at the same time helping the environment and improving traffic safety. {loadposition ads_in_article}Slow down and watch speed – Drive 55 miles per hour instead of 65 to save fuel. EPA estimates a 10-15 percent im...

Auto Care Myths Busted

Goodwrench Busts Auto Care Myths One Myth at a Time - Effort begins by educating consumers that 3,000-mile oil changes are a thing of the past GRAND BLANC, Mich . – Goodwrench is sending a few automotive maintenance myths to the scrap heap in an effort to help consumers save money, time and wear and...

4x4Wire Tech Archive

4x4Wire General 4x4 Tech Articles and Information Archives Versatile Hardmount Onboard Air System - With proper preparation, designing and installing a versatile onboard system that looks as good as it performs can be quite rewarding. Using common parts, this article walks through a well-designed OB...

Staun Internal Beadlock Install

Long ago, wheelers learned that lower tire pressure improves on trail performance.  And, lower tire pressure also added a risk to the trail ride -- the risk that tire and and rims would separate.  Keeping tire and rim together lead to the development of “beadlocks”.  Staun Products provides a a new ...

Daystar Hood Wrangler Install

[img]pictures/articles/jeep/daystar-hood/dsc_0158-1.jpg[/img]Every JK owner will notice that strange little hood movement known as “hood flutter”.  That is when you pass a semi on an windy day and you see your hood start to lift.  The 2007 and newer JK Wrangler stock hood latches are prone to stretc...

Giant Sequoia National Monument Management Plan Released

[i]Giant Sequoia National Monument Management Plan promotes protection and Ecological Restoration through science and collaboration[/i] [img]http://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_MEDIA/stelprdb5389289.jpg[/img] PORTERVILLE, Calif.—Today, Forest Supervisor, Kevin B. Elliott, released a new Giant Sequoi...

Viking Offroad introduces a new winch with a modern look and high performance

[img]http://cdn1.bigcommerce.com/server800/d85cb/products/552/images/1804/101509D_VikingWinch_W4__52490.1359526791.1280.1280.jpg[/img] Viking Winch GS-9 is engineered for better reliability, durability and extreme performance with features that meet any self-recovery need Burbank, CA (January, 2012)...

Grub Hub makes camping easier

Grub Hub Camp Kitchen helps reduce waste to make camping much easier and more sustainable. Leeds, Utah (Dec 20, 2012) - For many people [url="http://www.grubhubusa.com"]base camping[/url] is a tradition that makes it possible to enjoy hiking, mountain biking, climbing, rafting, photography, fishing,...

NEPA - The Basics

NEPA - The Basics by: John Stewart Natural Resources Consultant California Four Wheel Drive Association The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) assures that federal agencies will consider the impact of an action on the human environment before decisions are made and the action is taken. It re...

BLM Releases Imperial Sand Dunes Proposed Recreation Area Management Plan

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has released the Imperial Sand Dunes Proposed Recreation Area Management Plan (RAMP) and Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS). The RAMP also includes proposed amendments to the California Desert Conservation Area (CDCA) Plan. The RAMP provides guidance for ...

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