Sunday, 24 November 2019
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Whether your club focus is social interaction or working to save your favorite wheeling area, members are what make it possible. It starts with membership in a local club centering on a shared goal. Soon, you find that others share common concerns about their area of interest and you begin sharing information. You have started "networking", the basic building block of a creating a coalition. Soon, you will find yourself in position to engage in political activity; either by contacting you elected representative to talk about an issue of concern or to endorse a bill.

Wheelers are interested in recreation and have spent many hours learning how to drive and fix their rig. While the mechanical skills have been honed, the political skills have been ignored.

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John Stewart Managing Editor - 4x4Voice - 4x4Wire - Natural Resources Consultant - California Four Wheel Drive Association - Board of Directors - BlueRibbon Coalition

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