Wednesday, 26 October 2016
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EAST ALTON, Ill.—When you think of Winchester, your mind doesn’t generally go to big city living in hustling and bustling towns with infinite stoplights … it goes to small-town America, where a firearm is more than just a tool and ammunition is more than just bullets in brass casings. Winchester is a way of life, a life that has the stories to back it, and a bright future ahead. A life to be proud of, built on heritage, family traditions and some of the most innovative products ever introduced for hunters and sportsmen around the world.

Winchester Life, the first all-digital series in the brand’s history, highlights this way of life and the hardworking men and women that live it every day. The hosts will take a back seat to the beauty of small town America and locations where hunting and shooting sports are treasured pastimes.   

“It is very important for us to remain a leader in delivering quality content to our customers, especially through the many digital platforms that are offered today … Winchester Life is more than a TV series, it’s the Winchester lifestyle that has been carried on by generations,” said Brett Flaugher, president for Winchester Ammunition.

The series will debut on the week of October 26, 2016, and will be promoted through the Winchester official social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Winchester Life captures the essence of the hunting and shooting sports and brings our brand to life through quality production, epic locations and a cast that people can relate to.

“The Winchester legacy means so much to us, and millions of others who live and breathe this lifestyle,” said brothers Chris and Casey Keefer, Principals of Rusted Rooster Media and Co-Hosts of Winchester Life. “We’re honored to partner with Winchester in producing the series, and we’re looking forward to sharing these amazing stories with all those who have been impacted by The American Legend.”

About Rusted Rooster Media

Rusted Rooster Media is an award-winning production house based in Midland, MI. The creative team at “The Roost” is best known for their commitment to telling a great story, and their ability to mine out every last bit of human interest that can be found, from every angle. Focused on shattering the mold of traditional outdoor lifestyle production, Rusted Rooster will bring their art of blending stunning cinematography with new age music and cutting edge production elements to the Winchester Life Digital Series.
About Winchester Ammunition

The iconic Winchester brand celebrates 150 years of legendary excellence in 2016—a historic milestone representing a steadfast commitment to the hunting and shooting sports traditions and future generations of sportsmen. A world leader in delivering innovative products, Winchester is The American Legend, a brand built on integrity, hard work and a deep focus on its loyal customers. Learn more about the history of Winchester by visiting or connect with us on Facebook at

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