Wednesday, 07 September 2016
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I have been a practicing "Recreation Advocate" for a number of years and developed a large cache of information about the Federal Administrative and the California State Administrative processes.  I have been asked a few times for information about "How to..." and "Why can't we...".

Well, the below are some thinks I have pulled together over the years and would like to share with others.

Attached are two documents about NEPA that I compiled 10-12 years ago.  But, like any government law/regulation, it hasn’t changed much in the ensuing years.

Many people hear acronyms and wonder about the a definition behind the obscure collection of letters….


Also, if you want to keep up on what is happening in California with Forest Service, BLM, and State Parks, along with other info about access, see:

And, from that main page, on the left side down towards the bottom is a section heading “4x4Voice Notebooks

One of interest is:

Any questions, please feel free to ask…..

John Stewart Managing Editor - 4x4Voice - 4x4Wire - Natural Resources Consultant - California Four Wheel Drive Association - Board of Directors - BlueRibbon Coalition

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