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  1. John Stewart
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  3. Wednesday, 23 March 2016

The basic tenet is 501(c)(3) organizations have a strict prohibition against lobbying activities. The premise of 501(c)(3) organizations is they must serve a public purpose and social activities must be "insubstantial". However, there are two sets of rules that apply to lobbying by 501(c)(3) organizations; based on whether they have chosen to file Form 5768 with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Read more at: 501(c)(3) and Lobbying - The Basics on 4x4Voice

For additional information about Club and Association organization, see the 4x4Voice Club and Association Notebook


  1. http://www.4x4voice.com/Notebook/club-business/index.html?17
  2. http://www.4x4voice.com/4x4voice-home/entry/501c3-lobbying-basics

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