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While washing and waxing a 4x4 might not be a high priority, if you have a good paint job, you have to take care of it.  On my old 88' 4Runner I would never wax it, but my 97 4Runner is my daily driver and has a great factory paint job.  Over the years there has been some neglect, and as a result there are lots of swirl marks and haze that regular washing will not remove.

So, I decided to wax the truck.  I don't own a buffer, so I wanted something applied by hand.  I decided to try Auto Glym car care products.

Auto Glym is a British company that is very popular in the UK, and only available to professional detailers in the UK.  Starting in 2010, they offered their products to the US and to the general public.  The HD wax kit can be found in select Wal-Mart stores for around $35.

Auto Glym High Definition Wax Kit

I began with the Auto Glym High Definition wax kit.  It includes a can of paste wax, 2 sponge applicators, and a terry cloth.

First step is to wash and dry the car by hand.  Once dry, and in a cool location out of the sun, instructions say to pre-moisten the applicator with water, and add a small amount of wax to the sponge.  Next step is to lightly apply the wax to the vehicle, working in circular patterns.  Once applied, let the wax dry for about 30 minutes, and then buff off the wax using the supplied terry cloth.  It went on and buffed off very easy, with very little elbow grease.

Results were pretty impressive.  All of the swirl marks and haze were gone! And I now have a very deep shine.  The only thing it did not do was remove some scuff marks where my power antenna broke and scuffed up the paint, but I was not expecting it to fix that.

Here are some shots in the sun of the finished product.

Also, it beads up pretty good in the ran

Overall, I'm very happy with the outcome, and I will continue to wax the truck as needed.

Check out AutoGlym's products at


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