Car Touch-Ups Easy in Tough Economic Times

Web Store's 100,000 Colors Make Car Touch-Ups Easy in Tough Economic Times - Online touch up paint company sells custom mixed touch up paint for do it yourself repairs for any original car color.

New Orleans, LA (PRWEB) March 26, 2009 -- Got nicks, chips, scratches, scrapes? Sure, every car gets them. And they're unsightly. But maybe the middle of a recession isn't the best time to be spending money on expensive body shop fixes--or even a new car.

Automotive Touch-Up, an online vendor that custom-mixes original factory colors dating back to 1935 (yes, 1935!) believes you shouldn't have to endure the occasional ding and the aggravation that goes with it. "Just do it yourself," says store director Jeremy Thurnau. "We make it easy and economical."

What he means is, Automotive Touch-Up can perfectly match more than 100,000 OEM vehicle colors using a precise computer blending system. You can order these spot-on paints in easy-to-apply pens, aerosol sprays, brush-in-cap bottles, and for larger jobs, pint and quart cans. By following simple directions, car owners can repair scratches, nicks and blemishes in a matter of minutes. Having the exact color is key maintains Thurnau, as it can make those irksome imperfections virtually disappear, leaving your car's finish looking like new. Primers, clear coats and body repair products are also available on the website at

To find their car's paint color, visitors can search the site's extensive color database by year, make and model. There's also a section that shows you where to locate the paint code on the car itself so you can verify that the color you order is the correct one.

So what does it cost to acquire custom-mixed color touch up paint for your 2009 Honda Accord, '55 Chevy, 1998 Land Rover, or whatever car you happen to own? "Surprisingly little," says Thurnau. "The technology we use allows us to make paints to order in small batches, so the cost is minimal." Indeed, a check of the website confirms that a ½-oz. bottle of custom touch-up paint costs just $9.95, a touch-up paint pen $12.95 and a custom 12-oz. aerosol spray can $19.95.

This is welcome news to those who want to preserve the value of their car with a like-new finish without having to break the bank doing so. Even better, you won't have to look at those exasperating bumper scuffs anymore. For more information, or to order custom-mixed touch-up paints, visit or call 1-888-710-5192.

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