Colorado Federal land title information available

BLM announces Colorado Federal land title information available on the web

(June 12, 2009) - Colorado is one of the first of five western states to post Master Title and Use Plats information on the General Land Office (GLO) records web site. Private citizens, title companies, the oil and gas industry, mining claimants, other federal agencies, historians, genealogists, schools, and others can now obtain free data and images capturing Land Title and Land Use information at

As of June 8, 2009, the GLO web site had over 4,700 Master Title Plats and Use Plats for the State of Colorado. In addition to the Master Title Plat and Use Plats, there are approximately 27,000 Historical Indiceson the web site, which provide history of  land status by identifying all past and present actions that affect title to Federal lands and are recorded in chronological order. In addition to Colorado's data, the web site includes over 10,000 Master Title Plats for the States of Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota and nearly 5,500 Master Title Plats for the State of Idaho.
These records show Federal ownership, use authorization, agency jurisdiction, and rights reserved to the federal government on private land within a township. They will continually be updated as land title and land use changes. For convenience, web site viewers can query by township and range to receive the exact location of where the lands are located. 
The public will no longer have to visit the Colorado State Office in Lakewood to view the Master Title and Use Plat information on microfilm and purchase paper copies. Now anyone can view the information via a computer from their home or office.
The Master Title and Use Plats can be used in conjunction with the Patents already available from the GLO Records Web Site for a better understanding of the Federal government rights and interests.
In addition,  each online Master Title Plat online has corresponding Historical Indices, which provide history of the land status by identifying all past and present actions that affect title to Federal lands in chronological order.
The GLO Records Web site is continuously expanding its archives to provide the public with more records in a user friendly environment. Additional states and documents will be added to the GLO Web Site as the data and images become available.
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