What's in your tool box?

Every 4-wheeler carries a box of spare parts that generally includes hose clamps in a variety of sizes. Fuel lines, radiator and heater hoses are different in size and require different size hose clamps.  Ever looked for a compact solution for that bundle of various size hose clamps?

A compact tool is available to reduce the clutter in your emergency spares box.  ClampTite is the "Clamp Making Tool".  You can clamp anything, any size, any shape, any where!

ClampTite ToolThe ClampTite Tool provides a means for tightening wires wrapped around an object and then locking it in place.  The tool can be used with various wire sizes, which eliminates space and strength issues often encountered with conventional hose clamps.

Just under 6 inches in length, the ClampTite tool is compact and easy to store. It is a versatile tool for quick and effective emergency leak repairs or a bullet-proof means for securing nearly any material from rubber hoses to spliced wires.

ClampTite Tool SelectionThe standard ClampTite can use various sizes of wire, from .032 for small hoses to .062 for 3-6” diameter pipes.  Need a larger size?  There is a medium size for wire up to .125 or a large size for wire up to .25.  The ClampTite tool is designed to work with any solid core wire, not stranded or loose wire.  Stainless steel wire is preferred.

See more about the ClampTite Tool at: http://www.clamptitetools.com

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