Diamondback Truck Cover

Diamondback Truck CoverBeing a long-time truck owner, I have been through the various options of providing secure and weather proof covering for the bed.  Under normal driving, having an open pick-up bed does provide a big aerodynamic drag with a resulting loss of fuel economy. There are a variety of options, each with pros and cons.  

In past life, the half-shell limited height of cargo while standard tonneau covers were cumbersome to maneuver to accommodate the frequent loads above bed height.  And, for the infrequent time that extra capacity for over height loads is needed, options were limited until Diamondback Truck Covers offered a new option.

Diamondback Covers offers a unique truck bed cover that provided secure out-of-sight storage and that ability to provide extra flat-surface carrying capacity.  And, it offers options for the odd height situations frequently encountered.

For starters, the covers is a standard diamond-tread aluminum cover.  Except, there are two hinged sections connected by a stationary crosspiece.  Together, the cover can support loads up to 1600 pounds while maintaining secure storage.
Diamondback Truck Cover
Installation is simple and requires no special tools.  Key is locating the center piece in the middle and snugging it down to a point where the end covers can be placed and the entire cover aligned over the bed.  Once the entire top is centered over the bed, tighten the clamps for the center piece.

Final adjustments can be tricky.  The locking latch controls a steel rod which requires loosening hex-key set screws to obtain the correct clearance so that the steel rods fit snug under the lip of the truck bed.

There is an optional cab guard (low or high profile) which provides protection for the rear window and is recommended if you plan on loading and ATV or other cargo on the cover.   For hauling ATVs, you have a choice between side loading or rear loading.  The loading package does include folding ramps that allow an ATV to be driven into place.

The cover sections can be raised and are held in place by gas-struts and a safety latch is included.  Releasing the gas-struts allows the cover section to be laid down for tall loads.  If desired, the cover sections can be removed by pulling the rolled pin that provides a safety catch to keep the hinge together.

Over all, the cover was easy to install, but, tricky to correctly adjust the lock bars.  Models are available for a wide range of vehicle types and bed sizes.  Some configurations may require an additional bed rail support and some require minor drilling in the bed rail.

Diamondback Truck Cover
Diamondback Truck Cover
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