For Prospective Advertisers

4x4Wire offers paid placements of banners and button ads, as well as free self-services for Vendors. We understand there are numerous sites on which you can advertise, but we are confident 4x4Wire offers the best value along with the most open, realistic expectations.

Advertising Packages:

4x4Wire offers placement of button ads and banner ads, and we have flexibility on placement. Generally banners will be served from a rotating pool, while the button ads are static (always displayed). In addition to these placements, we use text links and other tools to help maximize the search engine rankings for our paid advertisers.

Our basic package includes the rotating banner, button ad, text link, and other tools. We are happy to customize a package to your needs. For more details, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Free Services:

By creating a profile on 4x4Wire, any Vendor, distributor, or shop can submit web links, New Product Announcements, notices of Special Offers, and generate PR Announcements. Since this is free to all, it is self-service. We are happy to make this available and hope that you'll find it of value.

Site Metrics:

Pageviews: +1 million per month.

Visitors: +150,00 unique visitors per month.

Pages Per Visit: +4,

Like many sites, our traffic is mildly seasonal: in our case, traffic is a bit lower in the summer (when people are out enjoying their 4WD's ), and we see a significant bump over the above numbers from September through May.

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