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We wanted to alert BRC members in Arizona that several OHV groups, including the Arizona Off Highway Vehicle Coalition (AZOHVC) and the Arizona ATV Riders (AAR), are working to oppose the unfair implementation of a dust ordinance that could close hundreds of thousands of acres of public lands in the Grand Canyon State. National groups such as AMA and BRC are involved as well.

Robert Janis from ATV Source has written an excellent article about the efforts. See: Arizona Off Highway Vehicle Coalition Combating Closures of Trails for Dust Rules Violations

And, a new group calling themselves Arizona Offroaders has started a petition drive to fight these unfair closures.  Don Hood and Jeff Gursh over at AZOHVC say these are good guys and AZOHVC is supporting the petition project.

I want to take the opportunity here to note how important it is that OHV users support the organized OHV groups in AZ.  If I am to be completely truthful, I must admit that the situation in Arizona at this time is grim. The threats to motorized and mountain bike recreation have never been greater. Radical anti-recreation operatives like Center for Biological Diversity's Dan Patterson are spending a lot of time and money in Arizona. After this election cycle, they will be well positioned to advance their aggressive agenda.

Sadly, most Arizona-based OHV groups have very little money, and considering the number of OHV enthusiasts in Arizona, their membership numbers are low. Ditto for Arizona memberships in National groups such as BRC, AMA and the United Four Wheel Drive Associations.

I know that an email to BRC members about this stuff is preaching to the choir. As members, you have become part of the solution, and we appreciate your membership and involvement.

But membership numbers matter because, unlike what you read in the mainstream media, our groups aren't funded by the OHV manufacturers. OHV groups like BRC and AZOHVC depend on memberships and donations to fund efforts that keep lands open. For whatever reason, OHV folks in AZ haven't been as good as they need to be about joining clubs.

So I'm going to make a request to BRC members. Please take a minute to sign the petition, and please use the opportunity to encourage your friends and family to join an OHV group. Send them the link to the petition, but also send them the links below and tell them AZ's OHV groups need their help in stopping these unfair closures.

Brian Hawthorne
Public Lands Policy Director
BlueRibbon Coalition
208-237-1008 ext 102

Sign the Petition! 
Arizona Off Highway Vehicle Coalition
List of other AZ Clubs and Organizations
Arizona State Association of 4-WD Clubs 
Arizona ATV Riders 
Join or Contribute to BlueRibbon Online

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