4 Wheel Parts Goes Green with Green Performance Products & Tips for Truck, Jeep, & SUV Enthusiasts

4 Wheel Parts gives back to Mother Nature and the off-road community with more eco-friendly products and a Going Green section on their website, offering green tips and more fuel efficient performance products for their customers.

Compton, CA (PRWEB) January 15, 2010 – 4 Wheel Parts has launched a Going Green section on their website, including more eco-friendly products and going green tips. As one of the largest distributors of off-road parts in the nation, 4 Wheel Parts is looking towards a greener future and is doing their part to help the environment while being part of the off-road community.

Although most people wouldn’t consider off-roading a “green” activity, 4 Wheel Parts is trying to make it as eco-friendly as possible. The newly launched Going Green section on 4 Wheel Parts provides their customers with more eco-friendly products for their truck, Jeep, or SUV. The Going Green section also includes tips for achieving better fuel economy, reusing products, and getting the best performance from their truck.

4 Wheel Parts Goes Green
4 Wheel Parts Goes Green

Louis Minette, Internet Brand Manager at 4 Wheel Parts says, “Off-road enthusiasts have always had a strong connection with the outdoors, taking some of the roughest terrain that Mother Nature has to offer and conquering it! As the years have passed and legislation has gotten more stringent off-road enthusiasts have had to change with the times to protect their rights to use off-road areas. They realize their impact and work to leave their playgrounds in the same condition as they found it, leaving as little impact as possible. As a friend to off-road enthusiasts, 4 Wheel Parts is taking similar steps to offer our customers the same performance products they crave while reducing their effects on the environment.”

4 Wheel Parts gives their customers useful tips that go beyond the obvious. They don’t just tell you to clean out your car so that you get better gas mileage; they actually go in-depth and provide you with information on how to find your preferred engine operating range (RPM), as well as other useful information.

Even though large pickups and SUVs have taken longer to catch up with the automotive Going Green trend, domestic automakers are making a concerted effort to make these vehicles more earth-friendly and fuel efficient. In concurrence with this movement towards environmental awareness, 4 Wheel Parts is bringing in new performance efficient products to their website and their 4 Wheel Parts stores.

“Whether it be performance intakes, exhausts and tuners designed to increase engine efficiency and fuel economy, economy gauges like the Ecometer from Autometer to keep your right foot in check, or tree trunk protectors when you need a little hand from Mother Nature, 4 Wheel Parts has their eye on the future and is doing their part,” Minette said.

4 Wheel Parts offers a wide selection of fuel economy products, eco-friendly truck and Jeep products, leveling kits, tonneau covers, winches, tires, and other off-road parts. To get more information and learn how you can join 4 Wheel Parts in their movement to Go Green, call 877-474-4821 or visit www.4WheelParts.com.

About 4 Wheel Parts: 4 Wheel Parts has been a leading provider of leveling kits, tonneau covers and other off road vehicle parts for over 40 years. Visit http://www.4WheelParts.com to see what fuel saving tips and products we have for you.


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