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Toyota Hydraulic Clutch Assembly Maintenance

Is your clutch moaning, clicking or otherwise sounding unhealthy when you depress the pedal? If you have ruled out the clutch assembly itself, you likely need to replace the clutch master cylinder and / or the clutch slave cylinder. For a small investment in a re-manufactured unit, new replacement unit or a rebuild kit, we'll show you how easy it is to swap out the offending hydraulic assembly for better actuation of your clutch and assure longer life of the disk assembly.

Remove the lower portion of the dash (four 10MM bolts on a third generation 4Runner) and the associated wiring plugs, cables, etc. Take care to list or photograph the assemblies in the assembled condition if you feel that you can't keep track of "what goes where." Removing the panel is necessary unless you have the hands of a three year old and the arms of Manute Bol.

Remove the cotter pin holding the cross pin through the clutch pedal and push the cross pin through the pedal assembly. You may need to depress the pedal slightly to release the tension off of the cross pin. Retain the cotter pin and the cross pin, these will be re-used in the replacement process.

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