Viking Offroad introduces a new winch with a modern look and high performance

Viking Winch GS-9 is engineered for better reliability, durability and extreme performance with features that meet any self-recovery need

Burbank, CA (January, 2012) − Viking Offroad is now offering the Viking Winch GS-9, a lightweight and powerful self recovery winch with low amperage draw, made to withstand every day use by both professionals and hobbyists alike.

“We realized that few manufacturers were addressing design issues and functionality flaws, except for Warn or Superwinch, in some cases,” says Thór Jónsson, owner of Viking Offroad. “Our motivation with this winch was to both improve performance and modernize it from a visual sense to keep them looking good on modern 4x4s.”

Using proven technology from years of research and development, the GS-9 features:

Viking TieBridgeTM

The Viking TieBridge provides more room under the traditional chrome tie rods, giving the availability for more rope length. As the rope stacks on the drum, off center, the additional space from the TieBridge lets the rope stack without interference from the tie rods. This bolsters overall reliability and safety. “These winches have been beaten up in Johnson Valley. They’ve been used in Iceland, Russia and Antarctica. They work,” says Jónsson.


At just over 58 lbs fully outfitted with a Viking Safety Thimble and Hawse fairlead, this full size, full featured package is as light as specialty winches without compromising line capacity or strength. This lighter package reduces load on suspensions and drivetrains by as much as 30% over the competition, all without sacrificing performance.

Designed for Synthetic Winchlines

As the leader in the synthetic winchline industry, Viking has designed this winch to be 100% synthetic winchline compatible. “From the design of the drum, to the type of braking system and the finish of the winch, we integrated design features into this winch from the ground up with the synthetic line in mind,” says Jónsson. “The traditional issues of heat build up are virtually eliminated by this design.”

Patented cone brake outside the drum design

Friction braking inside of the drum increases the level of heat in the middle of the drum where the line has the largest contact area. By moving the brake outside of the middle of the drum, it lessens the heat buildup and increases safety and line life.

Sealed Albright solenoid

Providing a water and dust tight environment, the GS-9 ensures dependability in the harshest conditions. These Albright solenoids are the new standard for top of the line winches within the industry. Packaged in a remote mount housing (control box), the solenoid will provide a lifetime of service. The control box is intended to be mounted behind the grill or under-hood, this allows for a lower visual impact from the winch and increased airflow to the radiator. Where hidden mounting is impractical, traditional motor based mounting is provided.

There are five models of the Viking Winch GS-9 available. These models offer either an Excel Hook or Viking Safety Thimble, as well as choice of black or orange winchline. The GS-9 comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty for mechanical components and a Limited 1 Year Warranty for electrical components.

The GS-9 retails for $1,297.45 with a winchline and fairlead or $949.46 for the standalone winch. The Viking Winch GS-9 is available now from Viking Offroad and Authorized Viking Offroad retailers.

About Viking Offroad

Thór Jónsson founded Viking Offroad to design high quality aftermarket parts for 4X4’s. The Jónsson brothers, Thor and Jon, worked closely together developing the full range of recovery gear using the best materials and craftsmanship available. With a full line of recovery equipment for four wheel drive vehicles with some of the most widely used synthetic winchlines it was a logical progression to winch design. We manufacture recovery and safety equipment for Military, Search and Rescue, Space (our lines were on board the historic Dragon capsule that flew to the Space Station in 2012) and of course the off road industry.

View detailed product specifications: Viking Winch GS-9

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