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The Gift That'll Get you Back on Track this Christmas

Trendy 4x4 gear company LiftTrax launches Christmas campaign for the product topping all 4x4 owners' wish lists.

The recent bad weather has lead to another boost in sales for LiftTrax, the company responsible for the latest buzz in the world of 4x4 vehicle owners.

LiftTrax ingenious on board devices can lift the weight of an SUV or off road vehicle getting them unstuck from sand, mud and other obstacles before folding back into their small carry bag.

"LiftTrax make the perfect Christmas gift. We have the only product that can easily raise a four tonne (8800lb) vehicle that also fits inside a Christmas stocking!" said LiftTrax creator Dan Hermann.

When asked about the surprising pace of LiftTrax's success, smiling, Hermann would only say "It's been a good year for us."

LiftTrax offer piece of mind for all 4x4 vehicle owners who want a compact tool they can keep in their vehicle in case they get stuck. Previously, most 4x4 recovery gear consisted of heavy and bulky metal equipment that either needed fitting to the outside of a vehicle or took up lots of space inside it. LiftTrax offer mobile traction that can effortlessly be carried and used by all.

LiftTrax come in both SUV and AWD versions and are available from reputable outdoor equipment stores worldwide or online at: www.LiftTrax.com