Position Statement by Rubicon Trail Foundation

Position Statement by Rubicon Trail Foundation in regards to the Rubicon Trail

Placerville, CA (April 24, 2009).  The Rubicon Trail Foundation maintains that discharging waste into waters of this state where it threatens to create a condition of pollution or nuisance is not an acceptable practice and that reasonable steps are being taken to manage discharges.

The Rubicon Trail Foundation sees two separate issues in over the snow travel and wet weather/snow melt conditions.

1. Deep snow conditions that discourage travel, camping and general use are a barrier that significantly reduces trail population. In these conditions, vehicles with a large tire footprint can float over the snow and result in a near zero impact.

2. Super saturated soil conditions present a soil erosion risk that exceeds that of other conditions. Rubicon Trail Foundation strongly recommends voluntary travel restrictions during these super saturated conditions based on site-specific and scientific evaluation.

The Rubicon Trail Foundation does not support the blanket restriction of Rubicon Trail use by season, or by vehicle numbers, type or size.

The Rubicon Trail Foundation supports El Dorado County's current management procedures for addressing vehicle fluid spills on County roads. The Rubicon Trail Foundation believes improperly disposed of human waste on the Rubicon is best corrected by a multilevel approach that includes public education, portable sanitation solutions and permanent toilet installations, where practical.

The Rubicon Trail Foundation supports a County-developed Operations and Maintenance plan for maintaining the Rubicon Trail based on the March 2009 California Geological Survey assessment and its updates. This O&M plan should include a list of prioritized projects.

The Rubicon Trail Foundation supports efforts to define the boundaries of the Rubicon Trail. A well-defined trail, maps and signage are important steps in that direction.

The Rubicon Trail Foundation encourages the establishment of reasonable and practical operating procedures for training of volunteer groups and others to install and maintain trail drainage structures, stream crossings and new trail segments.

The Rubicon Trail Foundation supports educational programs to inform Rubicon Trail users of trail rules and etiquette.

The Rubicon Trail Foundation supports requiring every Rubicon Trail user to carry portable human waste disposal devices and requiring every motorized user to carry oil spill kits.

The Rubicon Trail Foundation was formed in 2004. We are a federally recognized non-profit organization dedicated to the future health of the Rubicon Trail and our mission is to enhance the future health and use of the Rubicon Trail, while ensuring responsible motorized year-round trail access. The Foundation works with individuals, clubs, organizations, and agencies to maintain and manage the trail. Our Officers and Directors represent a wide variety of Rubicon Trail OHV users, land owners, county representatives, manufacturers, and event organizers.

If you would like to help with our efforts, you may send your tax deductible donations to:

Rubicon Trail Foundation PO Box 2188 Placerville, CA  95667

Paypal donations or major credit cards by calling 888-6rubicon or by signing up for a Friends of the Rubicon work party at: www.friendsoftherubicon.com

More information is available at www.RubiconTrailFoundation.org

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