GRAB - The Trail PAC's "Don't Lock Me Out" Moneybomb Fundraiser - Dec.5-9

Dear Trail Voter,

To mark our 4 month anniversary, The Trail PAC is launching its first ever moneybomb (Dec. 5 - Dec. 9). TPAC is counting on you to help make the “DON’T LOCK ME OUT” fundraiser a smashing success that will send a strong signal to closure advocates in Washington D.C that off-road and other outdoor voters are serious about protecting their access to public lands for responsible recreation.

TPAC has already received endorsements from prominent pro-trail leaders such as Craig Manson - former Assistant Secretary for USFWS at the Department of Interior, Dennis Hollingsworth – former California State Senator and founder of the California Legislature Outdoor Sporting Caucus, Chris Carter – International Six Days Enduro Gold Medalist and off-road hero, Del Albright – a national off-road and 4WD spokesman, and John Stewart - Editor of 4x4Wire.

TPAC has also been featured in CycleNews, Dirt Rider Magazine, and numerous internet sites.

TPAC is asking you to make a donation of any size $10, $25, $50, $100, $500 up to $5,000 to help us reach our $20,000 dollar goal this week and blow up our first moneybomb. Also, we are making a special request that you to forward this on to your off-road and trail networks and ask them to join you in support of our efforts to put pro-access candidates into elected federal office.



Thanks in advance for your generous support!


Don Amador, Founder
The Trail PAC

! Paid for and authorized by The Trail PAC !


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