Motor Mounts and Choices

YJ Motor MountsThere comes a time in the life of engines when items need to be replaced.  Such a time had come for my Wrangler.  It started with a little vibration under acceleration.  With over 130,000 miles, one motor mount was loose and a small leak had developed with the exhaust manifold.

The motor mount was an easy solution: after market or stock.  Actually, that provoked some discussion.  Turns out, the easy choice is not that easy.  While quality aftermarket products are available, they do come with a price.  In this case, it was about two for one.  In other words, I could get two stock motor mounts for less than the cost of one aftermarket motor mount.

Old Motor Mounts

The stock motor mounts are rubber and yes, they are prone to deterioration and distortion over time.  The picture at right shows the bad motor mount.  Polyurethane motor mounts do provide a more durable material.  However, the existing metal outer shell must be reused.

While financial considerations are important, another point to consider is other changes necessary.  Using motor mounts to lift the engine and provide added ground clearance is a good point.  The downside is resulting dive line angle changes.  With my recent spring over lift, the drive angles were set based on stock motor mounts.  Adding engine lift would require additional drive line work and added cost.  Finance carried the argument, stock motor mounts were selected.

Installed Motor MountWhen considering a motor mount change, add in the cost of a new transmission mount.  Just remember that swapping transmissions probably changes mount style.  Options are available, stock, polyurethane and lift.  See the article JKS/Currie 1" Lift Motor Mount for more about installing motor mount lifts.

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