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JKS/Currie 1" Lift Motor Mount

By: Jeff Yokomura - 2/2001

Courtesy of JKS Manufacturing


This project started off like many others. "What if we could raise the engine a inch to gain some clearance and help out driveshaft angles?" Well, as it turned out it was easier said then done. The only one inch lift engine mounts on the market are for 4.0L YJ's and TJ's. We learned from our fellow staff member, Paul Nasvik, that it was possible to use the 4.0L engine lift on a 2.5L TJ. So we figured since the 4.0L YJ and TJ were covered along with the 2.5L TJ, then shouldn't the 2.5L YJ also be covered? Sounds logical doesn't it? Well, with a quick phone call to JKS we ordered a pair of their 1 inch engine mounts. Turns out these are the same mounts that Currie sells. We talked to the guy's at Currie Enterprise and asked them if anyone had been able to use their kit with a 2.5L YJ. To our surprise they said no. To add to that, they said it was not possible. Some companies said the reason they didn't make a kit for the 2.5L YJ was because they changed the engine mounts often. Well with the parts on hand we weren't going to let this stop us now.


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